The Strap Clamp | Product Photography

For the first time in quite a while I got to photograph a product I have NEVER touched before! The strap clamp is a clamp used for ratchet cargo straps to NOT get all tangled up. Anyone who has handled ratchet straps can attest that they can be a pain in the ass. I grew up with one of my uncles and my grandpa working as carpenters, they used straps constantly when hauling materials. So I get the struggle!

I was definitely interested in seeing if the product actually worked when I received it and let me tell you, it WORKS! I must have twisted, turned over, flipped, etc the straps while working with the product and every time I pulled out the clamp with straps attached, they were never tangled up! 🤯 If you or someone you know is ready to stop being frustrated with your ratchet straps head on over to The Strap Clamps website: 

Here are some photos from their product session below! If you are in need of professional product photography I’d love to chat with you! Head on over to the contact me page or click HERE to schedule a discovery call & check out my pricing. If you want to stay in the loop with other tips, advice and upcoming news please subscribe to my newsletter list, I’d love to have you in my community! You can subscribe HERE!


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