The Experience

I've spent over a decade perfecting my process and can assure you that I've made it as easy, mindless, and smooth as possible for you. 

I'm laid back and fun to work with, but I'm also professional and prepared. I'll always suggest creative ideas or help brainstorm with you on a virtual call as needed. I'll also conduct research on your business and products while planning your session so that everything is customized to your needs. This way, I'll also have a solid understanding of your products and target market so that I can cater to future needs.

Just think, when we're done working together, you'll have images to use on your website, social media outlets, and promotion materials that look professional and truly showcase your products in the best way.

Elevate your business and brand.


It takes less than a second for someone to judge your business and decide whether or not they want to buy.

I'll help them make that decision easier!

The Laci Villarreal photography experience is so much more than just photos for your business. The creative process includes pre-production (planning out each photo concept), shoot time (including studio lighting, backdrops, and styling of products and props), as well as post-production (advanced retouching in Lightroom and Photoshop. This is where the magic happens!) I customize a quote for each client since every project is unique, but here's a typical overview of what's included at minimum:

  • Photographing your products (with or without models)
  • Styled using in-house props unless specific props are provided for the shoot
  • In-studio and/or on-location
  • Post-production editing and full photo retouching in Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Images delivered via online gallery

It's time to take your business seriously.

no more cellphone photos, please.


THIS is where the MAGIC happens with extensive skills in Photoshop and Lightroom, I make sure and your project is brought to life!

03. post-PRODUCTION: 4-10+ hours

This is where studio lights are setup, backdrops are up, I enter the creative zone, and begin shooting/styling your products! The pre-production stage ensures I have all the information to create an efficient shoot that addresses the needs of your project.

02. PRODUCTION: time varies based on project scope

First off I'll get to know your brand and understand the ‘why’ behind your photoshoot and the purpose of the content with having you fill out a creative brief. I’ll grab inspiration from your vision and creative concepts that align perfectly with your brand. It’s then time to source your props, backgrounds, search for talent if required and bring your vision to life!

01. PRE-PRODUCTION: 2-8 hours

Here's how it works:

50% deposit is required to lock in your shoot with final payment made prior to your products being photographed.

What are your payment terms?

7-21 days from shoot date depending on current workload and creative concept. If you do have a deadline, please let me know and I will do everything I can to accommodate it!

What is your turnaround time?

If you would like your products to be returned, please include a return post label/bag. Otherwise products will be stored for up to 3 months.

Do you return my products?

Due to the nature of the work, no refunds will be issued. This is why your brief is SO important. However, you may request a reshoot given a valid explanation.

Do you offer refunds?

We’ll ask you to fill out a short creative brief so we can understand what you’re looking for and quote your project! It’s important to put as much detail on your brief as possible to ensure we’re all on the same page!

How do I get started?

A $65 travel fee will be applied for any on location photoshoot. Any shoot deemed as a destination (taking place beyond 45 minutes away from the photographer's address), additional fees are applicable. 

Do you charge travel fees?

Frequently Asked Questions

- Dr. Tammia G.

"Laci did an amazing job with my product photo shoot. I love her passion and ability to pay attention to detail. I will continue to work with her on all of my future products!"

"I love her passion and ability to pay attention to detail."


"Everything with Laci was very smooth. She's developed a seamless process and did an amazing job. My images look so much better. I will definitely use Laci again!"

"A seamless process."


Laci did an amazing job with our product pictures. Our website and marketing materials look night and day better.

"Our website and marketing materials look night and day better."

Reach out for a custom quote.

product photography isn't one size fits all.

Your project is unique and different from other brands. That is why I custom quote projects to ensure pricing is based on exactly what YOU need and is not just a one size fits all.

To get started, I’ll ask you to complete a creative brief (or alternatively jump onto a zoom call) So it can help me really get to know your brand, your target market, and your goals for your project. Once I know more about what you need, I can provide you with a quote that best meets your needs.