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Food & Product Photographer, Fur Mama, Gryffindor. Based out of Dallas, TX.

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Lets face it we tend to put a lot of things on the back burner and wait till the last minute…I mean even I do it! Every year when it gets around Halloween and Christmas time my inbox & DMs start filling up with holiday shoot request. Everyone knows they need seasonal themed images for their holiday campaigns and the stressful fact is a lot of people wait till the very last minute to request a holiday shoot.

Now I know I’m a little bit more ahead of the game in knowing when holiday shoots need to take place. Because I’ve been doing it for years with my 9-5 jobs and we always photograph MONTHS in advance….like Christmas in July or earlier. So I wanted to give y’all that nugget of wisdom and advice because product photographers calendars tend to get booked quickly and we still try to accommodate those last minute shoots.

I always suggest to my clients to start considering in June (if possible) to start thinking about the holidays, what they want to market and what type of images they will need to make a successful campaign. Do they want to do Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and/or New Years?!

The end of the year should be a BIG time to promote your product based business because people are in the holiday spirit and 90% of the time that means shopping for gifts, décor and things to make them feel cheerful. The more you can put yourself ahead of the game and have your images ready to go with making your promotional images for social, web, printed materials, etc will be less stress on you or your team.

So if you haven’t thought about it OR realize “crap I meant to book seasonal photo shoot already!” take a deep breath! Reach out to your product photographer, see what their availability is, check the turn around time and see if it will work for what you are needing in order to get your materials out in the world on time for that holiday. Most the time we will do our best to help you get your products photographed and sent to you within reason.

If you’re ready to book your seasonal shoot Or just a normal product/food shoot, feel free to reach out. The best way to get started is to fill out my contact form OR send me an email at hello@lacivillarreal.com I look forward in partnering together and making your products look their best!


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