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Food & Product Photographer, Fur Mama, Gryffindor. Based out of Dallas, TX.

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I don’t care if you’re a photographer, small business owner, blogger, etc when it comes to finding props for your photos it can be so overwhelming & stressful! Plus a lot of people like to keep where they get their props a secret, I mean how FRUSTRATING! Well my friend push that frustration aside because I’m about to tell you where I get my props from for my product photography that I use for my clients! 

#1 Target

One of my favorite places to scope out some cute AF props is the target dollar section. It’s typically located in the front of the store (literally after you grab a cart) where clothing/home goods are. I love finding seasonal props in those bins! Also like to grab some trays, mugs, notebooks, pens, etc here because they are always too stinkin cute!

#2 Amazon

I know you’ve probably been on amazon to find shit but seriously if you know what you’re looking for amazon can be your prop best friend. Fake flowers, trays, acrylic mirrors, riser stands, etc. You just have to be extremely specific in what you are looking for because you can easily go down a rabbit hole and end up feeling more frustrated. So That is why I’ve made a list of items you can pick up from amazon on my affiliate link here [insert link]

#3 Michaels/Hobby lobby

Yes the craft store can also help you with your props, go grab some of those small wooden blocks to help you get some dimension in your photos. Grab foam board or colored A1 posters for backgrounds. These are also great places to pick up fake silk flowers/plants to use. If it’s holiday time you will also find some cute seasonal items that will last you forever. 

#4 Propdrop

This is a company I recently found and made a rather LARGE purchase. I’ve never been able to find a “prop” specific store before that tailors to photography, which is crazy to me. But I just ordered some of their foam geometric styling blocks in about every color they sell them in. They are water resistant and flake resistant. Having the variety of colors is great because they will help with almost any brand color I can run across, plus I could always order more of the white and just spray paint them. I’m so excited to use these in my upcoming photoshoots & want to share my affiliate link so you can get your hands on some of their products too! Head here to check them out: https://photodrops.co/?ref=lacivillarrealphoto

#5 at home store

Although this store can be “Pricey” I have found great trays, cutting boards and dishes to use and stock up on. Plus I just found out you can bring your doggo to the store if they are under 50Ibs! So you better believe the next prop shopping sesh here my 14 years old jack russell will be there to give her approval! 

There you have it, these are my TOP 5 places to grab photo props from! I never believe in withholding certain information to help others grow or experiment within the photo world. I know there will always be small business owners out there who want to try to DIY it themselves first or just enjoy doing it themselves.

So if just giving small tips like this helps send me an email at hello@lacivillarreal.com to let me know this helped you out! I responded to each email myself because I LOVE talking with y’all! If you want to stay in the loop with other tips, advice and upcoming news please subscribe to my newsletter list, I’d love to have you in my community!

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