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After going down my content list recently I realized that I’ve never done a “what’s in my camera bag” post! Like why would I put off something so simple! Well let’s be honest it’s probably because I pushed off what I didn’t think people would be interested in. But who am I to determine that…I […]

What’s in my camera bag

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Ok so I’ve heard some horror stories about people hiring product photographers and it baffles me every time. 😅 I know there are a TON of newer self taught photographers trying to get into the product photography market and I’m not saying they are all bad but you have to understand what to ask a […]

The 5 most important questions to ask a product photographer before hiring them

shower gel, body lotion, bath bombs and sleep mask arranged together to show off the products for a spa gift set.

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The main purpose of product photography is to guide prospective customers from an initial awareness of the product, all the way through to becoming a customer and making a purchase.

FIVE reasons you absolutely need high quality product images