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Food & Product Photographer, Fur Mama, Gryffindor. Based out of Dallas, TX.

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After going down my content list recently I realized that I’ve never done a “what’s in my camera bag” post! Like why would I put off something so simple! Well let’s be honest it’s probably because I pushed off what I didn’t think people would be interested in. But who am I to determine that…I don’t know how many times I’ve decided myself to look at another photographer’s gear list. Mainly to see what others in my field are using, what they recommend and use on the daily. So why wouldn’t a beginner or professional want to peek into my gear list?

So with telling my inner self to shut it because people DO want to know what’s up in my business. I decided to make a list with some details of what’s in my camera bag plus a few extras!

Let’s take a look inside my camera bag!

Camera body: Canon 80D

Most photographers tend to carry two camera bodies at a time, just in case one fails or breaks. Currently I only have the one camera body due to switching camera brands last year. I used to be a Nikon shooter but when my last full frame camera body died, I decided to switch over to Canon since their prices are more affordable. 

Lenses: I use camera lenses for different things within photography and depending on what I’m photographing will determine on which lenses I take to tag along with me! 

Sigma 35mm 1.4: My hubby just got this lens for me as a birthday gift! After another brand photographer suggested it to me, I rented the lens to test out and fell in love with it. It allowed me to allow more light into my camera with amazing depth of field. 

Canon 50mm 1.8: This is another great lens. If you’re just starting out, this is a great lens to pick up and is a great alternative to the 35mm.

Canon 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6: I tend to keep what’s referred to as my stock lens as a backup. Even though it’s aperture ability is limited it still helps me get the job done if one of my other main lenses is out of commission for cleaning or maintenance.

Tokina 11-20mm f/2.8: I love this wide angle lens and used it everyday when I did architecture photography for Google. 

Canon 35mm f/2.8 Macro: As you can see this is a macro lens, not to be confused with my Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens. A macro lens is used specifically for extreme close ups and detail shots of items such as jewelry and other items you want to see really intricate details.

Flash/Speedlight: Canon speedlight 430EX III-RT

There are definitely cheaper options than buying a name brand flash but I’ve owned multiple cheaper units and they failed within less than a year. So this time around I decided to invest in a name brand flash. I tend to use my flash most indoors during branding sessions when the lighting is not great or dim.

A few other items that tag along!

Godox SL60W Light

Light stands

Replica surfaces

Manfrotto tripod

Magmod magsphere

SD card holder

Multiple SD cards

Lens cleaning wipes

Extra camera batteries

Rechargeable batteries

Travel first aid kit

So there you have it! These are the main items I keep with me and swap out depending on my sessions. If you have any questions about gear or what to use feel free to send me an email at hello@lacivillarreal.com and we’ll talk about it! If you want to stay in the loop with other tips, advice and upcoming news please subscribe to my newsletter list, I’d love to have you in my community! You can subscribe HERE!

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