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4 types of product photos you need on your online-shop or website

I’ve mentioned it before but I figured I’d go into more detail on what types of product photos you should have for your online shop. As a corporate product photographer for the past 10+ years every company I’ve worked with made sure to look cohesive with their images. That means every item had the same formatting and type of images for every single item. So I figured I’d go into more detail about the top four product photos you absolutely need!

Featured photo (studio shot)

This image is the one you see the product on a plain background generally white and nothing else. The main purpose of this is to clearly show the product to your consumer. You want to make sure the image is clean and sharp to really showcase the product and attract your customers. Featured photos are generally used on the product main page and is first in the products image line up. 

Detail shot

This is the close up shot of the product. You have multiple types of detail shots ranging from showing textures, patterns, claps, etc. These are the shots that answer any questions your customers might have about the product. It’s important to have since it could impact the customers purchasing decision.

The lifestyle shot

Showing the customer what life would look like with the product is key to this shot. You want them to feel what it would be like or envision themselves having the product. Typically shown in a natural environment for the product. These images are generally used throughout your website and social media.

The Packaging shot

This one isn’t absolutely necessary but it’s great to add if you can. If your product packaging is really nice, you definitely need to showcase it. Product packaging adds an extra layer to the shopping experience, so why not show it off. Customers being able to see the product packaging gives them a better understanding of the businesses brand and what to expect in the mail. Plus it could show how the item could make the perfect gift! 

Now you have the main types of photos to make your products look flawless on your site or shop. I can’t wait to see your products showcased in the best way possible and customers flooding in! I’d love to hear if this helped you! You can email me at to let me know, I responded to each email myself because I LOVE talking with y’all! If you want to stay in the loop with other tips, advice and upcoming news please subscribe to my newsletter list, I’d love to have you in my community! You can subscribe HERE!


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