I have my Bachelors of Fine Art degree (BFA) in photography and been a product photographer for 10+ years and have worked with various brands with each job such as: Honeystinger, Kind, Lindt, Frito Lay, Skinny pop, Naked bee, etc. the list goes on. The experiences made me really understand how to prepare images to help a brand really promote their product. With this knowledge it allows me to know what questions to ask and pull all the details from my clients to produce amazing content that really feels like them!

I’m married to my college sweetheart who is a 3D artist. Talk about a ton of creativity in one household! We have two fur babies Wendy (the grumpy grandma) & Lily (the pitti who thinks she is a small lapdog *sidenote she’s 75lbs*) these two keep us on our toes for sure.

Typically if I’m not photographing or working on other biz stuff, I’m snoozing in my bed OR binge watching another korean drama (which my hubby constantly makes fun of me for but WHATEVER!)...I have a slight...ok, not so slight obsession with buying cute mugs and my cup cabinet is probably screaming at me, “no more mugs please!”. I absolutely LOVE sweets and any object they’re plastered on, like notebooks. One of my dream vacations is to finally get to go to Harry potter world at universal studios and live my Gryffindor dream, if only I could just *Diagon Alley* it over there!

I have SO much more I could tell you but what’s the fun is spilling all the beans! Let’s work together and get to know each other even better! Maybe there is something else we have in common!

Hi There! I’m Laci (like the fabric) 

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